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Attendance Alerts and Notifications



It is imperative that students attend all classes every day. Attendance matters. Missing a day of school means missing hours of instructional time. Research shows that students who attend regularly achieve greater success in school and in life. We want every child attending school every day. When a student is absent or late, parents/guardians will receive notification via email and phone call. 




When a student is marked absent from school, the parent/guardian will receive the following message: 


This is James Madison High School informing you that Student’s Name, was marked absent today, Date. 

Please take this time to verify our findings on your NYCSA account and with Student’s Name. 

Discrepancies should be brought to Student’s Name subject teacher's attention on Monday. 


Keep in mind, that Student’s Name is required, by the Chancellor of New York City, to have ninety percent attendance in order to be considered for promotion, so please make sure that Student’s Name is present in all of their classes, each and every day! 


Absent alerts are generated from third period attendance, which is the school’s official attendance. If you believe your child was present but was marked absent, the student should speak to their third period teacher. If the student was marked absent erroneously, the third period teacher can correct the absence with the attendance office. Parents/guardians can verify daily attendance through NYCSA. 




All students are required to scan in to the school building using their ID cards. When a student’s ID card is scanned at the entrance after a student’s scheduled start time, the student is considered late, and the parent/guardian will receive the following message: 


This is a message from, James Madison High School, informing you that Student’s Name has entered the school building today at Time. 
This is after Student’s Name scheduled start time.   

Being tardy can lead to missing work and course failure. 

Being on time to school is the first step to a successful day.  


For first and second period, the student is considered late if they swipe in 10 minutes or more after their first class has begun. For third period, 1 minute after the period begins is considered late.  

Please note, tardy alerts are not official attendance alerts. 




When a student is absent from school, they should return with a note (from a doctor or parent/guardian). This note is to be signed by all period teachers before being submitted to the attendance office (room 128). 


Please note, NYC Public Schools does not differentiate between excused and unexcused absences. If a student is not physically present in the school building, they are to be marked absent. Providing a note will ensure the absence is documented, but keep in mind it is still considered an absence.