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Law Institute

Vision: James Madison High School Law Institute is a four-year program designed to promote an understanding of our legal system and help students develop an appreciation of the Constitution and basic civil liberties. Students will study about our government and laws in honors level classes and will improve their skills by participation in moot courts, mock trials and mock congressional hearings. 
We strive to have students become active citizens and critical thinkers who are well-prepared for post-secondary education.
Description: The Law Institute at James Madison High School, in collaboration with the Justice Research Center and our legal partner Cadwalader, Wickersham and Taft, will provide students with the ability to increase their knowledge of the legal system. Students will be required to follow a specific course sequence (see table below) that will provide them with the required skills to excel in their academic careers.

Law Clubs/Teams

Moot Court
Mock Trial
We the People
Amicus Law Journal
Wise! Quality of Life

Academic Requirements

Students are expected to maintain an 85 overall average 
Students are required to maintain a 90% Attendance rate
Students must demonstrate a high level of integrity, maturity and respect.

What courses will I take?

The courses you take depend upon your future interests and your grades. Students with excellent grades will be invited to take Advanced Placement (AP) courses in social studies. Students whom pass an AP exam may be eligible to receive college credit.

Law Concentration:

For scholars interested in careers in law, criminal justice, paralegal studies, sociology, psychology, anthropology, history, comparative politics. Scholars must maintain an 85% average overall and strive to earn 80% or higher on Regents exams. 

Year 1

AP Human Geography
Introduction to Law 1 (Fall Semester) AND Justice in America (Spring Semester)

Year 2

Global History Year 2 Honors OR AP World History
Introduction to Law 2 (Fall Semester) AND Constitutional Law (Spring Semester)

Year 3

United States History OR AP United States History
Criminology (Fall Semester) AND Criminal Justice (Spring Semester)

Year 4 - Fall Semester

Participation in Government OR AP Government and Politics
Moot Court/Mock Trial

Year 4 - Spring Semester

Economics OR Macroeconomics
Legal Writing/Research