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Pre-Education House

What is the Pre- Education House?

The Pre-Education House is a program at James Madison High School that provides a unique experience for students interested in entering a career in the field of education. Students will develop necessary skills to become successful pedagogues, leaders and master their own teaching methodology. Upon completion of the program, students will present a portfolio highlighting their knowledge and growth as a milestone of completing the program. The portfolio will include best practices, lesson activities, mock observation reports and their own approaches to learning in the classroom.


The Pre-Education program at James Madison High School has collaboration with Long Island University to provide a unique experience for students interested in entering a career in the field of education.

Why join the Pre-Education House?

According to the Economic Policy Institute, enrollment in public K-12 education has increased since 2008, and educators are in high demand. While half of those roles necessary to keep up with student enrollment are teachers; others include counselors, teaching assistants, roles in special education and more.
The world needs educators. They inspire and help incubate the next generation of people and big ideas. Whether in or out of the classroom, these individuals are necessary throughout all industries.
The Pre-Education program provides opportunities for students who are interested in becoming the next generation of educators and leaders.
Through rigorous curricula, application of educational theory and science, combined with hands-on teaching experiences, students will grow to develop their own pedagogical styles. These foundations provide the base to build a career in education or leadership in other career fields upon graduating from James Madison High School.

Who do I contact?

Mr. Lance Cella
Pre-Education Coordinator
[email protected]