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LAM House

What is the Literature, Arts, and Music House?

James Madison High School’s Literature, Arts, and Music (LAM) House is a four-year program designed to expose students to the myriad literary, artistic, and musical opportunities that the school, the community, and the city have to offer. It promotes an understanding of our world through the lens of art, music, and literature, and helps students develop an appreciation of the often overlooked and underappreciated beauty in our world. Students will hone their artistic, literary, musical, creative skills, and foster their sense of belonging, by participating in trips, internships, and in-school activities & clubs. Because the arts are instrumental in the cultivation students’ communication, confidence, we strive to have students become active citizens and critical thinkers who are well-prepared for post-secondary education, regardless of their future field of choice.

Who should I contact?

Mrs. Stephanie Ketcher                                              
English Teacher                                                
LAM House Coordinator                                      
James Madison High School                                     
(718) 758 – 7200 / Room 329                               
[email protected]