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PSAL Sports Teams

Badminton Varsity Boys Ms. Charne
Bowling Varisty Boys Mr. Pecora
Bowling Varsity Girls Ms. Aniello-Flanders
Baseball Varsity Boys Mr. Solano
Baseball JV Boys Mr. Covotsos
Cross Country   Boys Ms. Morency
Cross Country   Girls Mr. Barton
Football Varisty Boys Mr. Salvato & Asst. Coach Mr. Carbonaro
Football JV Boys Mr. Thomas
Golf Varsity Girls Mr. Gigliello & Mr. Ryan
Soccer Varsity Boys Mr. Punzone
Soccer Varsity Girls Mr. Tighe
Swimming Varisty Girls Mr. C. Mobilia
Tennis Varisty Girls Mr. Nanes
Volleyball Varisty Girls Ms. Debenedetto
Volleyball JV Girls Ms. Velazquez
Basketball Varsity Boys Mr. Solano
Basketball JV Boys Mr. Lanlokun
Basketball Varsity Girls Mr. Tighe
Basketball JV Girls Ms. Duran
Indoor Track   Girls Ms. Kelly
Indoor Track   Boys Mr. Barton & Asst. Coach Ms. Morency
Swimming Varisty Boys Mr. C. Mobilia
Table Tennis Varisty Boys Ms. Velazquez
Table Tennis Varsity Girls Ms. Debenedetto
Wrestling Varsity Boys Mr. Santimauro
Badminton Varsity Girls Ms. Debenedetto
Flag Football     Mr. Monteserrato
Handball Varsity Boys Ms. Duran & Ms. Velazquez
Handball Varisty Girls Mr. Shats
Lacrosse Varsity Boys Mr. Ginsberg
Lacrosse Varisty Girls Mr. Punzone
Outdoor Track   Boys Mr. Barton & Asst. Coach Ms. Morency
Outdoor Track   Girls Ms. Kelly
Softball Varsity Girls Ms. Powers
Stunt     Ms. Edrees
Tennis Varsity Boys Ms. Charne
Volleyball Varsity Boys Ms. Han
Wrestling Varsity Girls Mr. Santimauro
Golf   Co-ed Mr. Nanes
Rugby   Boys Mr. C. Mobilia
If any Madison student wants to participate in the following spring sports that we do not offer - Cricket, Girls Rugby, Girls Fencing or Double Dutch - they must email Mr. Dumont [email protected] to submit the appropriate forms by November 14th. They will be assigned to play at another school.